What We Do - Global Home Group
What We Do - Global Home Group

Mixed Containers

Customers of Global Home can choose from more than 20 complete collections of indoor furniture which are stocked at our 350,000ft ² (32,000m²) warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We offer mixed containers direct from this facility with no minimum order quantities, gifting independent retailers the ability to purchase full containers without the burden of minimum order quantity and production lead-time restrictions.

Once our customer is happy with their selection of furniture, the superior logistics of our operation becomes evident, and it moves quickly. Global Home taps into its deep resource of supplies following a mixed container order, dramatically reducing production lead times thanks to our readily available stock.

Immediately responding to our clients’ requests is a crucial part of our ethos: we simply load the containers and ship within seven working days. All orders can be entered into our live online system and are confirmed by email within seconds.

Orders can be shipped to any country the client wishes.

To find out more about offers on the mixed direct containers please contact us.

Client Specific Design

Clients looking for a particular style or product collection can opt for our bespoke design service. This involves our in house designers collaborating with the client to produce an exclusive collection.

We have the passion, skills and resources necessary to adhere to your design specifications throughout the whole manufacturing process. Our knowledgeable team has a long and varied experience of working with retailers, ensuring that we deliver the furniture that you and your customers want.

Every step including the design, testing, production, quality control and shipping is sealed by a close and focused communication with our client.

To find out more about our client specific design service, please contact us.

What We Do - Global Home Group